The Process Life Approach - Before We Begin - Preface
As we begin our presentation, we are going to spend a bit of time acquainting you with the process life approach. It's important to understand that you must make a conscious decision to see yourself as someone who is inherently a good person. People and circumstances may have entered your life, and many may have caused pain, conflict, and confusion for you. You have made some decisions that you would like to take back. These need to be understood as life circumstances; events that have happened to you. They are not who you are. They are simply events which have happened on your life's timeline. They have solutions. We'll get you there. Just stay with the program. Read each and every chapter. Make sure that you understand what the chapter is teaching. The functionality paragraph at the end of each chapter tells you exactly what you can do to fix that problem. Do your best to incorporate the suggestions into your daily living. When you do, you will see that changes are beginning to happen. Go slow. Be thorough, and take your time. When you understand that all life is a process, that the processes we are setting forth can change your life, you will also understand that you have all you need right inside of you to become fulfilled and happy. It's time to unleash that inner strength; your own power to change your world. Again, stay with the program. If you do, you will begin to realize just how great you are. So, here we go.
Every human being is driven toward the gratification of five basic and fundamental needs. They are our physical needs, the need to feel safe, the need to belong and be loved, the need to feel good about ourselves, and the need for identity, and self-actualization. The there have been a multitude of theories and methodologies postulated to help us to arrive at these goals. Rarely, though, has any one approach introduced a presentation which includes the connecting information to make what it is attempting to teach operational, that is, to help us both understood and implement the changes we are attempting to make. Everyone wants to feel safe, loved, and good about themselves. However, so few of us understand enough about our thoughts and feelings, and what we need to do to make the changes which can help us to feel good about ourselves. Additionally, so many of us have a difficult time doing the work that it takes to arrive there. We all have our own demons and internal antagonizers, which make accepting change and addressing risks difficult for us. We live in a society which moves rapidly, it demands much, and does not provide enough time for us to learn how to access our full potential. We have become a quick fix, low risk, and uncommitted human fraternity which tends to run on autopilot, rarely ever questioning where we have come from, what is currently happening in our lives, and the directions we may take as the remainder of our lives unfold. So many of us are searching for an operational method, that is, one that we can understand and implement in our lives, so that we may address areas which are concerning us, and also help us to be happy and fulfilled. In order for such a method to be functional and operational, it must meet four general criteria. First, the approach should be therapeutically sound, both possessing a solid research framework, and a history of successful implementation. Second, it should have survived the test of time. Specifically, it's not a fad, a quick fix phenomenon, but one that has been used successfully over an extended period of time. Third, the methodology should have been thoroughly tested, with problematic features removed, and refinements made, where necessary. Fourth, the approach should be devised and implemented initially by a trained professional with a background in counseling, research, and human behavior. If you are reading this text, you are in search of the path to rescue yourself from the negative forces that live inside you, an intelligent approach to help you fulfill your life and your potential to become a happy person, and a program that will always be there to both help you address whatever comes along in your life. It also has to be readily available to help you rescue yourself from those little relapses which may reappear as life unfolds. The crux of the Fix Yourself program is the utilization of life processes which establish and help us maintain control over our lives. The presentation you are reading is divided into ninety-six distinct chapters, each targeting a particular human issue. The causes of the problems, and how they exert their influence over us is explained in detail, and the precise method to help you correct the problem closes each chapter. Each chapter is concise in its explanations, and to the point regarding its solutions. When you are finished with each chapter, you will see that for every problem, we have outlined concise solutions for you; steps which you can use to alleviate the problem. We have covered many, because there are many levels of the human condition. No one format can address all of them. This is where so many self-help formats fail. A solid program needs to be broken down into the smaller intellectual, emotional, and behavioral patterns to fix the whole person. We are all the sum of our parts, and our problems need to be addressed in that fashion. By doing this, we can take the smaller steps to address the whole person. Self-help books should read in a fashion that is consistent with proven therapeutic approaches. Ours has been tested with a diverse population, all of whom were challenged by problems which prevented them from living happy, productive lives. The overwhelming consensus is that our approach provided the necessary information, and workable solutions to address the conditions that were affecting their lives. As you will see, the problems we are presenting are experienced by all of us. You are not so different, and there is a logical way out of your distress. Each chapter of the presentation provides all the relevant information to help you understand what you need to know about what is causing you to suffer. Every chapter contains information which will be useful in to you, or someone close to you, in some fashion. Most important, each chapter provides you with a practical way to fix the problem it addresses. So, the book will serve to provide you with the information to change your life initially, and will always be available to as a reference guide, anytime you need to refer back to a particular chapter to refresh yourself. This is the format we use in clinical counseling settings. It has been extensively researched to provide the best program to help you reach your goals. You don't have to feel different and unfixable anymore. You have everything right inside you to be productive in your life, and to he supremely happy. All you need to do is make the commitment to change, and be willing to take the time and do the work to get there. Give our presentation time. Read the entire presentation. As you delve deeper into it, you will see that the process is beginning to come alive in you. You are going to make significant life changes, and the changes will astonish you. So, it's time to make the initial declarations that can change the rest of your life. If you are ready to make the following promises to yourself, you are ready to change your life. 1. I, without reservation, want my life to change. 2. I am willing to open my mind to a new approach which can change my life. 3. I am willing to commit myself to do the work that is necessary to change my life using my new approach. 4. I understand that it will take time, and I am willing to commit myself to that. 5. I will commit myself to an honest attempt to follow the advice and the steps set forth in the new approach. If you can answer yes to all of these declarations, you are ready to empower yourself into a wonderful new way of life. The Fix Yourself process approach to life can change everything about your life. The confusing and conflicted person you are is going to be transformed into someone who is understands why you think and feel the way you do, and what you need to do to feel confident, fulfilled, and ready to live a happy life. We are all greater than the problems which we think define our lives. The ultimate goal of the book is not only to help us understand that we are greater than our problems, but that we are, in fact, great. Read the text with this in mind. It's all going to make sense now. The connectors which you have been searching for are at your disposal. So, get ready to become the master of your own destiny. Your happiness and your fulfillment are waiting for you.

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