About The Fix Yourself Handbook
     Either you can apply it, or you can't.  That's what sets the great prescriptive books apart from the rest of self-help 
mediocrity.  Until even the most brilliant teachings and so called life changing discoveries can become applied, they 
represent little more than irrelevant mental exercises.  The Fix Yourself Handbook is provocative, intellectually stimulating, 
and emotionally challenging as it both expands the parameters of present day personal growth perspectives, and establishes 
new directions in what were previously uncharted areas of human growth and understanding.  The Fix Yourself Handbook 
chronicles the journey from confused, angry, and conflicted in a process approach that leads to an enhanced state of internal 
balance, which paves the way for the happiness and fulfillment we all so desperately seek.

     The central theme and the foundation for The Fix Yourself Handbook philosophy is that all life can be characterized by 
the internal processes involved in each of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. By defining those processes and redefining 
the manner in which they are applied to human intellect, emotions, and behavior, we will gain more control over the manner 
in which we conduct our lives.  The Fix Yourself Handbook moves beyond the simplistic explanations of our thoughts and 
behaviors, and into a more precise and elaborate understanding of anthropomorphic motivators, both internal and external, 
which can dramatically impact human intellect and emotions.  As it does, it examines the symbiotic interaction between 
our thoughts and our feelings, and by utilizing an intricate system of deliberate processes, establishes the necessary 
balance between these complimentary, but oppositional forces.  By understanding this interaction, select processes can be 
defined and incorporated into a person's life, which, when practiced over time, lead to an intellectually, emotionally, 
physically, and spiritually balanced internal framework. The Fix Yourself Handbook takes life off autopilot, and helps 
the reader understand how to work from the inside, thus minimizing the effects of external antagonizers. As the processes 
are mastered, they establish a rational and executable goal oriented way to live life which minimizes the attraction to 
superficial quick fixes, and opens the door to permanent life solutions.  Learning the process approach also enhances the 
ability to set priorities while reducing the emotional conflicts which interfere with the understanding and organization 
of factual information.  In addition, as internal balance is gradually attained, the individual becomes more proficient 
with regard to clarity of thought, rational expressions of emotion, improved physical health, and deeper spiritual 

     The Fix Yourself Handbook uses a system of internal processes which are represented in its ninety-nine distinct chapters, 
and can be quickly understood and incorporated into one's life.  Its design, however, is constructed so that the processes, 
complimentary of each other, are utilized throughout a person's life to remain viable.  Some of those processes include: the 
deceleration of life's pace, the understanding of personal normal/abnormal, toxin removal, internal linguistic reciprocity, 
journey appreciation, sustained passion, the death to life paradigm, wisdom acquisition, the comfortable/uncomfortable, and 
revised applications for living in the moment, day-to-day living, gratitude, humility, honesty, love, and service to others.  
All of the processes are defined before the book's text begins to enhance the reader's comprehension regarding the wonderful 
life journey which are about to undertake. The application of the process way of life presented in The Fix Yourself Handbook 
leads to a state of internal balance, the energy source which is the driving force and the eventual zenith of the program.

     Nothing creates more potential for growth than a balanced internal framework.  It sets the stage for enhanced personal 
development at every level, and creates an internal energy source that can be applied to each and every situation which one 
will encounter in life.  With this in mind, the most important premise of The Fix Yourself Handbook process way to living is 
the understanding of the dynamic relationship regarding how we think, feel, and behave and the process driven development of 
internal balance which sets the stage for efficient functioning, goal oriented clarity of thought, and love of self.  By 
incorporating the process way of living into our lives, we will realize an internally balanced power source, one that not 
only protects us from potentially destructive internal and external forces, but also opens the door for enhanced and sustained 
personal growth and fulfillment.

     A life wrought with internal imbalance is a life besieged by conflict, confusion, and pain.  By taking the steps to create 
an internal environment which sees its attributes operating in balance, we come to realize the peace and inner strength which 
is so essential to healthy living.  The Fix Yourself Handbook's process approach to life provides the foundations for change, 
presents the necessary information to understand the problems, and supplies the explicit steps to assist in the movement from 
angry and conflicted, to happy and fulfilled.  The Fix Yourself Handbook's process way of living instigates change quickly, but 
its benefits remain vital and dynamic throughout life as it creates a life journey that, moment by moment, is rich and satisfying.  
The Fix Yourself Handbook presents life in accordance with life's natural flow; the way it was meant to be lived.         

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