Faust Ruggiero's professional career spans almost 40 years, and is diversified and compelling, as it has consistently established new and 
exciting cutting-edge counseling and marketing programs in its pursuit of professional excellence and personal life enhancement.

     Upon graduating from Bangor high school in 1973, Mr. Ruggiero generally enrolled in Mansfield University.   While at Mansfield, he was 
the student representative to the psychology department, the senior counselor for the University's peer counselor program, and in his junior 
year, was the first undergraduate ever selected to teach a graduate course in human development, under the guidance of Dr. Charles Ewing.  
Mr. Ruggiero received his first exposure to the research publication world at Mansfield as a student assistant, and participated in the theatre 
and film programs, directing an onstage production of Anton Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" in the fall of 1976.  He graduated in May, 1977 
with a bachelor of arts degree in clinical psychology.  He graduated magna cum laude, with a 4.0 grade point average.  

     In 1977, Mr. Ruggiero was accepted into the graduate program in Illinois State University.  There, with the notion of acquiring a sound knowledge 
base in both normal and abnormal human development, he developed a clinical/developmental psychology major.  During that time, he was 
instrumental in assisting Dr. Douglas Hardwick perceptual research, examining the role of feature specific orientation detectors in children.  The 
study was published in 1979.  At Illinois State University, he was also a teaching assistant at the Metcalf school on the University's campus, and 
held the research assistantship at the same time.  His thesis which examine the effects of prosocial and antisocial television programs on the 
cognitions of children pioneering research in the field at that time.  He graduated from Illinois State University in 1979, with a Master of science
in psychology, with a  dual major clinical and developmental psychology, and a minor in research.  While at Illinois State University, Mr. Ruggiero 
participated in a marketing research program designed to compare several marketing strategies as they were applied to local businesses.  The 
program was a joint venture between the psychology department, and universities marketing and public relations program.  Mr. Ruggiero 
developed and implemented a marketing program for local business which was in danger of closing.  The marketing format, not only kept the 
business from closing, it became successful enough to open in a second location in the area.  He graduated magna cum laude, with a 4.0 grade 
point average.

     Upon leaving graduate school, Mr. Ruggiero began working with Antoinette J. Goffredo counseling services providing psychological intervention 
to adolescent deaf children.  There, he helped Ms. Goffredo develop a behavioral management program for profoundly deaf children with residual 
hearing. The program is still being used by other audiologists who also specialize in the communication processes of children for profoundly deaf, 
but do retain some residual auditory functioning.  His tenure there lasted from mid-1979, until mid-1981.

     In 1981, he to temporary position with Forest Manor nursing home.  There he was the social services director to inpatient Senior living 
clientele, developing a new program for the facility to help in its attempts to assist seniors in socialization and transitional processes.  He was 
instrumental in restructuring the social service program at Forest Manor, and developed a training program for nursing home staff to better
meet the social needs of the residents.

     In 1982, he accepted a position with the Lehigh Valley Alcohol Counseling Center.  There he provided individual counseling services to clientele 
suffering from alcohol abuse and addiction, including the introduction to both the twelve-step recovery process, and family and intervention services.  
It was at the alcohol counseling center, where Mr. Ruggiero was asked to develop a phase 2 counseling program for individuals convicted of drunk 
driving offense.  This was a pilot DUI treatment program for the state of Pennsylvania.  The program was developed and used in the Lehigh Valley 
for six months, and then was included as a statewide counseling program for drunk drivers in 1983., In 1984, Mr. Ruggiero's Pennsylvania DUI 
program was presented to the national DUI counsel, and was suggested as a basis for a national program to address the needs of drunk drivers and 
their families.  Though it has undergone many revisions since 1983, the program is still used throughout many states in the nation.  While at the 
alcohol counseling center, Mr. Ruggiero also served as a counseling liaison to Northampton County prison.  There he was involved in counseling 
administrative policy development, and maintained a small caseload of inmates on a weekly basis.

     In 1984, Mr. Ruggiero left the Alcohol Counseling Center to pursue a permanent position with Northampton County prison.  There, he provided 
psychological and substance abuse intake and counseling services to inmates.  He coordinated all substance abuse services, and program development 
services for inmates.  In 1986, he obtained his certification in substance abuse treatment and the state of Pennsylvania.  In 1984, Mr. Ruggiero also 
began a small private practice specializing in individual, family, group, and substance abuse treatment.  The part-time practice evolved into the 
Community Psychological Ctr., Inc., located in in Bangor Pennsylvania.  He left Northampton County prison in 1989 pursue his endeavors at the
Community Psychological Center on a full-time basis.

     As president of the Community Psychological Ctr., Mr. Ruggiero continue to provide services to individuals, families, those suffering from 
substance abuse, and couples and marriage counseling. He developed several programs to address women's issues, and begin a support program 
included over twenty-five other professionals to augment the services of the counseling center.  In 1990 he developed the Community Psychological 
Center's employee assistance program serving local, national, and international businesses.  Programs such as the County of Northampton, the 
Victaulic Corporation of America, and Caesars Resorts became centerpieces of the program.  In mid-1991, the County of Northampton and the 
State of Pennsylvania determine the need for an alternate sentencing program for individual sentenced to second time DUI arrests in the state of 
Pennsylvania.  Mr. Ruggiero developed the program, implemented it at the Community Psychological Center, and in 1992, it was presented to the 
State of Pennsylvania for review.  It has been part of the states alternate sentencing format since that time.  In 1994, Mr. Ruggiero was selected 
to become a trainer for the Department of Health in Pennsylvania.  In that capacity, he provided small workshops, professional training programs, 
and large speaking engagements on subjects including family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, personal conflict, anger management, substance 
abuse, and dually diagnosed clientele.  He also provides counseling services for first responders, law enforcement, and other emergency personnel.  
Following several years of experimentation regarding the various therapeutic approaches, Mr. Ruggiero developed and began utilizing the Process 
Life Program.  The program consisted of over 50 internal human processes, which can be accessed and developed to help clients address the 
various conditions which were affecting their lives.  After the program was developed, it was rigorously researched and tested, and changes were 
made culminating in the approach presently being used by Mr. Ruggiero and the staff at the Community Psychological Center.  In the summer of 
2013, Mr. Ruggiero decided to develop the Process Life Program into a text which can be published, and which would help people in need address 
the situations which were affecting their lives.  The outline for the text was created, and researched with a diversified target population to 
determine its effectiveness.  Upon completion of the research, the text was written, and provided to a test group of 120 clients from several 
counseling venues.  With the results overwhelmingly supporting the book's presentation, the Fix Yourself Handbook was completed, and is 
currently being prepared for publication.

     In mid-1994, as the Major League Baseball strike commenced, Mr. Ruggiero developed and implemented a program to address the needs of baseball 
fans whose needs were being ignored as the process to address the concerns of both management, and the players Association continued.  Being an 
avid Phillies fan, Mr. Ruggiero developed and organized at Phillies Fan Union.  The organization was designed to represent the needs of fans to the 
Phillies organization, and two Major League Baseball.  Much of the work was being done via the Internet, and although the online structure was in its 
infancy, over 11,000 Phillies fans join the organization by the end of 1994.  Since that time, the organization has grown to a worldwide membership of 
over 400,000 members.  Mr. Ruggiero has been featured on numerous radio spots, in area newspapers, and is often that a speaker at sports related 
functions as the move to address the needs of fans continues.  He still consults with members of the Phillies front office, and has developed a 
philanthropic program to help address the needs of Phillies fans who have fallen on hard times.  In 2013, the organization's name was changed to 
Phillies Fan Central toreflect its continued commitment to educate, represent, and inform Phillies fans regarding organizational and other baseball 
related matters.  

     In 2009, Mr. Ruggiero posted his first Facebook page.  This represented his move into social media, and several other pages were developed in 
support of additional projects. The second Facebook offering supported the Phillies Fan Central website, and the third contains inspirational readings 
taken directly from the Fix Yourself Handbook.  Mr. Ruggiero also maintains a twitter page, and a personal website.  His personal website was 
designed specifically to market the Fix Yourself Handbook, and includes readings from text, and other pertinent information for prospective readers.

     Mr. Ruggiero was an active member of American Association for Counseling and Development.  He is also a member of The Nonfiction Authors 
Association, and The American Society of Journalists and Authors.

     Mr. Ruggiero's personal life has revolved around his family.He has four children, Sarah, Joshua, Seth, and Jonah Ruggiero.  He has coached over 
thirty youth sports programs, including baseball, soccer, and basketball.  He is active with the world wildlife fund in its attempts to and the world 
ivory trade, is active in research and education in the areas of nutrition, and vegetarian diets.  He raises Bouvier's and Russian Gray cats, and enjoys 
hiking, reading, and nature settings.  Having involved himself with theatre and film programs in college, he has directed for the stage, and continues 
to enjoy films from the writing and directorial standpoints.